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Dear Friends,

I want to welcome you to the Gemma Wenger Ministries, Inc. web page. God is moving mightily in this ministry as we reach the nations for the Lord through television, radio, and evangelism. As you browse, you will have the opportunity to view my television shows “Beauty for Ashes” and “Gemma Wenger’s Hollywood” as well as familiarize yourself with the many aspects of the ministry. Through a lifetime of serving the Lord, I have drawn closer to the power of God, and have seen Him move miraculously in the prisons and streets as well as in the churches and evangelical meetings throughout the nations.

In these last days the power of God is going to increase so abundantly that we will be amazed and astounded at the phenomenal move of God’s spirit. God is going to use the people who have been faithful during the difficult times and remained steadfast in believing in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ even through extreme hardship. God is raising up his men and women for such a time as this to do mighty exploits in the land. In the book of Esther, Haman was terrified before King Ahasuerus and Queen Esther just as the enemy is terrified of God’s mighty warriors who are walking in the power and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. God is telling His children to fight back against the powers of darkness. Just as the King, in the end gave Esther all of Haman’s house, possessions, and authority, God will take from the devil all that he is stealing away from you and turn over the kingdom of the wicked to the wisdom of the wise.

King David wrote in Psalm 22:1 My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? David was going through extreme despair, but in verse 4 the response came, "Our Fathers trusted in You; they trusted and you delivered them". God will change the events and seasons in your life through prayer. God will turn the situation around for you. He will do a new thing in your life and cause a fresh anointing to fall. Your unwavering, unfailing faith will cause a miracle to come your way. Pray, pray fervently because God is preparing to give you that very desire of your heart as you seek Him.

The Lord will restore your soul as you listen to his word being preached with power. As that pure word of God, which is like silver purified in a furnace seven times – oh, so pure, powerful, cleansing, and healing- falls on a heart of faith, it will germinate and bear much fruit for the kingdom of God. Have faith for the change. Persevere and endure. Press in to the great things that God has for you.

I pray God touches your heart to support my ministry financially as well as through your prayers so it can continue to reach the nations for the Lord. Your tax deductible donations, whether large or small, are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your love and support.

                                           Gemma Wenger

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